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Harry Schneider


The Juniper Project

The Juniper Project was a classroom based exercise in design thinking. The class was tasked with exploring and interpreting the issue of the Western Juniper to see, how through design thinking, tackle and approach the issue.

I began looking at ways that I could use my expertise of print within The Juniper Project. I came up with two deliverables for the class. One were Juniper prints using a wood lithography technique. Through using the aesthetic of the Juniper within the print, the print can clearly show its audience the difficulties of processing and using Juniper as a nominal lumber source.

The second deliverable was Juniper paper. Through a secondary collaboration with Pulp and Deckle, a paper making facility in St. Johns Portland, I explored was of using the materiality of Juniper as a way of potential creativity. What if Juniper was a viable paper source? What if the State of Oregon sent all their correspondence in Juniper envelopes? These were questions I was thinking about in relationship to making Juniper paper.